Pre-Clinical Services

    Anthem offers a wide range of preclinical biology services. These services have been effectively used by our global/domestic clients. Our clients range from virtual companies and small biotechs to large pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, veterinary and food and beverage industries. Our infrastructure includes labs and animal facilities to cater to molecular biology, assays, protein expression and production, ADME/PK, toxicology and in vivo efficacy studies.

    Molecular biology, protein purification and assay development
    Our scientists in molecular biology are adept in recombinant DNA technology including genomic DNA and cDNA extraction, cloning and mutagenesis. Many industrial recombinant proteins have been expressed in bacterial systems and amino acid changes introduced using mutagenesis techniques to improve their properties. Anthem also has the capacity to purify, characterize and assay proteins.
    Anthem has a PK group that caters to the needs of many clients mainly to determine the fate of drug substances, nutrients, etc. in vitro and in vivo. The various aspects of pharmacokinetics such as extent and rate of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion can be performed in our laboratories.
    In vitro and in vivo toxicology
    Exploratory toxicology can be performed at Anthem. The in vitro toxicology services include AMES test, mouse lymphoma assay, chromosomal abberation studies in CHO-K1, radiometric hERG binding assay, hepatotoxicity and hematopoetic toxicity. The in vivo toxicology services include acute and sub-acute toxicity in rodents and micronucleus tests.
    In vivo efficacy
    We have the expertise to carry out studies in various animal models for a wide variety of therapeutic areas such as oncology, infectious diseases (bacterial and fungal) and metabolic disorders.

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