Enzymes in detergent industry are key to cleaning. Enzymes offer various advantages like Energy Saving, Biodegradability, Non-Dusting Nature, Improves Cleaning Efficiency, Value Addition, Lesser Usage Levels, Chemical replacement etc.

    Protease, Lipase, Amylase and Cellulase granules primarily are being used a cleaning catalyst in the compact detergent powders. Liquid enzymes do have scope for liquid cleaning products.

    Protease enzyme removes the Protein based stains like Blood, Milk, Grass, Egg, Minced meat etc.

    Lipase hydrolyses fatty stains such as lipstick, frying fats, butter, salad oil, sauces and the tough stains on collars and cuffs containing residues of human sebum Amylase hydrolyses starch based products like cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice etc.

    Cellulase Imparts Biofinishing where in improves the general cleanness and whiteness of laundry.
  • ArrowKleen - Cleaning enzymes for effective removal of natural stains from proteins, lipids, starch and particulates.
  • ArrowOxy - Fabric friendly oxidative cleaning.

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