Textile Enzymes
    Enzymes are biocatalyst basically proteins which are substrate specific and increases the rate of reaction. In textile industry enzymes effectively replaces chemicals in various wet processing stages like De-sizing, Finishing, Peroxide elimination, Stone washing of garments, Scouring etc.

    Enzymes are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our generic enzymes range includes
  • Amylases - ArrowSize range of enzymes are for desizing of fabric for complete degradation of the starch used during sizing.
  • Cellulases - ArrowCell range of cellulases enzymes are being used on the fabric for finishing & for stonewashing of denim to impart superior grain effect.
  • Pectinases/ Pectate lyase - A Pectin hydrolase enzyme used in the preparatory processing of greige textile substrates. ArrowScour is used in enzymatic scouring of the cotton yarn, knit and fabric enabling biological advantages over chemical scouring.
  • Catalases - An oxidoreductase enzyme assures complete scavenging of the residual peroxide from the fabric.
  • Mannanase - Specialised enzyme for Guar gum hydrolysis.

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