Leather Enzymes
    Enzymes greatly contribute in controlling the use of polluting chemicals in various Beam- house operations in any tannery. Leather can be processed effectively using enzymes for the following operations
    Soaking - Enzymes helps in efficient rehydration of the skins and hides.
    De-hairing - Enzymes effectively replaces the alkali load in the de-liming process.
    Alkali Bating - Enzymes opens the structure and makes leather more permeable.
    Acid Bating - Enzymes for softening of the leather.
    Degreasing - Enzymes for efficient removal of fatty tissues improves dyeing and finishing.
  • ArrowBate - Alkali and Acid bating of leather for beam-house operations.
  • ArrowSoak - Enzymatic soaking of skins and hides.
  • ArrowDehair - Enzymes for de-hairing of skins and hides.
  • ArrowDegrease - Enzymes for degreasing of skins and hides, improves dyeing and finishing.

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