Pulp and Paper Enzymes
    Enzymes have opened up a new dimension in the paper Industry by virtue of their application with respect to its usage in lowering of chemical load, energy saving and low loads on effluent treatment plant. Various processes are being targeted for enzyme usage, namely,
    Bleach boosting of pulp using thermo stable alkaline Xylanases.
    Enzymes for deinking of recycled paper, makes processing eco-friendly.
    Refining enzymes saves energy load on the refiners.
    Specialised, Cellulases controls drainage property in case recycled fibers.
    Starch cooking using amylase makes sizing process more economical.
  • ArrowPulp - Thermostable Xylanases for pre-bleaching of pulp. Bleach boosting enzyme.
  • ArrowDeink - Enzyme for a eco-friendly deinking. Low chemical load.
  • ArrowRefine - Enzyme for pulp refining. Saves energy.
  • ArrowFibre - Enzyme for drainage control.
  • ArrowSize -Amylase for starch cooking.

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